Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What to Pack!

If you have any tight connections, particularly in London or Frankfurt, 1 1/2 hours or less, then I would put your essentials in your carry on - including bathing suit! If your checked luggage doesn't make it with you, it should be there the next day and we can pick it up at the airport.

Pack the usual stuff, but here are some tips for clothing. When we are 'out and about' you will generally be wearing long pants or skirts well-below the knee. It will be warm to hot, so the lighter the better - don't just pack denims! A couple light, long sleeved shirts for both guys and girls will be very useful for cover up. A scarf/pajmina is very useful to cover up when necessary. A good suggestion is to buy one there as they are cheap, authentic, and beautiful. Even the guys may want to pick one up for anyone wanting to do the day trip to the desert to keep sand, sun and wind at bay - a la Lawrence of Arabia. It can get very cool in the desert so defnitely take a sweater or two. There are no issues with footwear otherwise. Sandals etc are fine. Toes aren't offensive.

If you plan on going to the Burj Al Arab for tea, take something NOT casual. A skirt and blouse for gals is fine and khakis etc and a shirt for guys is fine. You shouldn't wear sneaks, but even nice sandals will do. Worst comes to worst we can go on a shop for some nice, cheap shoes etc. It's not formal, but not casual. Think protestant church!

Still take your summery shorts, t-shirts etc as around the villa and Wild Wadi anything goes.

Some Miscellaneous Details

If you haven't sent me your flight details, please do. Barring something weird, I will meet you at Dubai International. I have information sheets for everyone with villa details (location, hints, suggestions etc) that the villa owner sent. Just fun and exciting reading and makes it all seem real.

Once you clear customs you can buy booze at the duty free at Dubai International so you don't have to worry about getting it prior to that. The villa details will have what the limits are, but they are quite generous - like 4 bottles each.

I am killing the grocery kitty. I will cover all basic groceries. If you want something unusual or special (diet Pepsi for Lynda!), then you can get that one your own, but I will cover the basic meals stuff.

You should each plan on about a 100 - 200 dirham tip for Jason upon departure to say thank you. That is about $35 - $70.

Colin suggested the Dubai day trip. It is one of those hop on hop off deals and is a great way to see the city and get around. I was talking to someone who said it was very good and even suggested the two day pass.

I will do more posts on what to pack etc., but if you have any questions, just shoot.