Saturday, May 17, 2008

A few Days in the Sun

Hello All! Wendy here again! It has been a lazy few days at the villa. The Mathelows arrived late, late Thursday night. After the tour and the midnight snack, some went to bed, some decided to stay up for sunrise. Regardless, we all slept in till noonish on Friday. There was a small mishap with my bathing suit in the morning, but Terry came up with some garden wire and we fixed it right up! We spent the afternoon in the frond, the pool, the kayak, back to the pool, then the frond, then the pool.. you get the idea.

We needed a few things at the store, so a few of us ventured off to the supermarket. Now, as most know, the supermarket is at the Mall of the Emerates, so we decided to take an hour and wander around. There was a lovely mariachi mexican band playing in the courtyard. It was Friday now, and that is the weekend here. This meant that the mall was packed with people. But we got through the crowds, got some groceries and made it back to the villa.

Today was another lazy day involving the pool, the frond, the kayak etc. We had a visit from Asiwad and Bernie, the Shiitzus from next door. They are very friendly, their owners, not so much. We are off to the souks this evening, and the day trip to Oman is tomorrow!

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