Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Day in Dubai :(

The day has finally arrived. Sad, yes, but also happy to heading back home. Today was another relaxing day. Started the day with a lovely swim and then breakfast--made by Terry. It was delicious. Was also introduced to Wendy and Rea--two of Terry's friends who just arrived the night before. After breakfast everyone headed to the frond for a swim. It was followed by a relaxing "cool down" in the pool.

We all got cleaned up and decided to travel to another mall called Ibn Battuta. It was very different from the mall of the emirates. More relaxed and less ppl. There were different sections in the mall with designs/structure of different countries like China, India and Persia (to name some). Colin and I split from the group and Terry told us to meet back at the entrance at 5:45 (the time I heard) or 5:15 (the time colin heard). More about that later.

Made some lovely purchases, got some food andwalked around the mall admiring the shops and the design of the mall.

Colin and I--not sure exactly what time we were supposed to meet--since we had different times--made our way to an ice cream place which was near the entrance around 5:10. Little did we know that Terry and the rest of the crew actually said to meet at 4:45. Anyways, we ended up missing Terry by a few minutes. We hung around the mall for a little bit to make sure they weren't just running late and then we left via taxi. Upon our arrival Terry greeted us (a little concerned I think) and said "this is why I should never have kids". Terry it wasn't your fault. Colin with his "swimmer ears"and me, well, I guess I don't hear that well so don't worry hahaha.
Good night Dubai!!


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