Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ice-Women Cometh (written by Ms. Kelly)

Katie and I decided to venture out on the Friday night, known as weekend here in Dubai, as we had slept all day.There was an icebar that we heard about that sparked our interest. Upon arriving we were sat down and given winter dress. Geared up in our booties, parka, and gloves we were ready to enter the ice bar. Upon entering, at first we were amazed by the beauty of it all. We sat down and the bar lit up with glowing colours and Americanized music. We were having a great time taking pictures and sipping on our juices in ice glasses. Then the greatest thing happened-local boys came in! First of all, they looked very funny in robes and parkas. They kept coming until there was about twenty of them all running around with excitment. It was about a cool minus six, not to0 cold for Canadians like ourselfs, but cold for the locals who are used to high thirties!
These boys were so excited and took more pictures than I think I have in my life (anyone who knows me knows I love my camera!) We wanted to take some pictures of them but were shy in asking. So we decided to take pictures of ourselves with them in the background, or pretend to take pictures of random things in the bar. While doing this, one of them asked if we wanted him to take our picture. Something funny that happened was that one of them made a weird signal to me, which made me laugh which caused him to laugh? Maybe this was my second marriage proposal of the trip? After being in the cold for forty mintues we decided it was time to leave.
After leaving it was only ten pm so we decided to hit the Mall of the Emirates,as it was open to midnight tonight. This was our third trip here but we had never had the chance to see so many locals. Something interesting we noticed was that the men travel in huge groups. It was almost weird to see only two together! We decided to take in a movie as we knew we would be awake late after sleeping most of the day. Made of Honour was playing so we jumped at the chance to see the 11:45 showing. I can not say I have ever seen a movie with as many races watching as I did tonight. As much as we laughed during the movie, it doesn't compare to the laughter of the locals. Either they really like Patrick Dempsey, or just like to laugh. We have been in Dubai four full days and tonight was the first chance we really had to be amoungst the locals.

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